UX + Information Architecture - Hint Health Dashboard

Hint Health is an advanced membership management and billing platform for direct primary healthcare providers(Usually referred to as DPC providers).

My Role

• User Research • Persona • User Stories • User Task Flows 
• Interface Design • Prototype

User Research

I studied the DPC models and current practice situations in the States. Through user interviews with the DPC practitioners, I got to learn about their needs — less admin work so the providers can spend more time on the patients, etc.

I took the pain points down on post-its, selected the ones that are most relevant to the features I’m designing.


Based on my user interview results, I developed two personas for the project.


DPC providers can view, manage and bill patients easily.

Design Stories


DPC providers can use Hint Health patient management dashboard to: add new patients; view existing patients information; edit patients; bill patients; notify patients; keep track of patients enrollment/payment statuses, etc.

Task Flows

After discussion with the creative director Laura Klein, the main task flow is simplified as the image shown below.


Based on my task flows and user needs, I developed the wireframes for this feature. I used Balsamiq because that was what the whole team had been using. The developers were used to develope these features using these wireframes. So the communications were great between all stakeholders.


Below are some of the style guide specs I used.

This is the final mocks I have for them for this feature. It is the same style that Hint.com follows.

This feature is currently being developed by Hint Health Dev Team. Updates will follow